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  • szczenię Cane Corso
    szczenię Cane Corso
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Some Place Else FCI this is a small, serious kennel located in central Poland, exists since 2006, belongs to the Polish Kennel Club, the only organization affiliated to FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale).

Many years ago, cane corso stole my heart, in 2006 I owned Prima - my first and awaited female. With passion, love and attention to the breed I have begun my adventure with breeding - even if every day it is a hard, responsible work, it gives me a great satisfaction and fulfillment. Dogs are a very important part of my life, they are my companions, and every litter is always awaited with a great joy and happiness. 

I use in my breeding programme valuable, famous and recognized European bloodlines, I also come back to the old Italian pedigrees. Choosing a stud dogs for my females is a long process - carefully thought out, with a lot of dilemmas along the way, I usually spend months on pedigree's analysis and features that I would like to see in the offspring. Priority in my breeding programme is to gain healthy dogs with excellent exterior and correct temperament typical for the breed.

Dogs from my kennel live in many countries in the world. HERE you can see the pictures which I get from the new owners - I'm very grateful for it!

My dogs are under vet care, all dogs are tested for diseases typical for the breed, I pay a lot of attention to health prevention, proper diet and supplementation. My dogs live in the house as family members, they participate in everyday life. Puppies are socialized carefully, properly fed, surrounded by loving care, with attention to their harmonious development. Puppies go to the new homes microchipped, dewormed and vaccinated due to their age.

Price for the show quality puppy is 1700-2000€, cost of passport, FCI document and care to the end of quarantine is included. Shipping arrangement is possible around the world. If you are interested in buying or reserving a puppy, please contact me. I will do my best to choose the best according to your expectations.

Feel free to visit and like the Some Place Else FCI fanpage on Facebook, where you can find a lot of pictures of my dogs, short videos as well as a gallery of dogs originated from kennel Some Place Else FCI.

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